Medical Assistant - Cypress

Employment: Medical Assistant

Type: Full Time

Location: 27700 NW Freeway Ste. 400 Cypress, TX 77433, TX

"You can make a difference in the life of an oncology patient and find your career satisfaction by joining our team of healthcare professionals today."

About the Position

The role of the Medical Assistant is to facilitate the delivery of oncology patient care under the supervision of the licensed nurse and / or physician.  This is accomplished through direct and indirect patient care activities.

Shift Schedule:

  • Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


  • Insurances: Life, medical, dental, short term and long term disability
  • 401K
  • Free parking
  • PTO
  • Holidays 
  • Competitive salary

About Oncology Consultants

Oncology Consultants has been a premier adult medical oncology & hematology practice in Houston, TX for over 35 years. Our healthcare team is committed to provide state of the art cancer treatment in a caring environment as we continue to expand our oncology services in the metropolitan region.. 


  • Laboratory services
    • Process lab orders per practice policy
    • Transfer CBC results to electronic medical record / clinical database
  • Clinic admissions
    • New patient admission
      • Full vital signs, including respirations
      • Height and Weight (measured, no verbal reports unless Wt >350)
      • Interview form
      • Initiate EMR chart
        • Allergies
        • Vital signs
  • MD clinic patient triage
    • Medication list update
    • Vital signs: BP/ Temp / pulse/ respirations
    • Performance status
  • Assisting MD with clinic visit exams as needed
    • PAP / Pelvic exams
    • Rectal / Stool Occult Blood
  • Transport patients via wheel chair as needed
  • Documentation of care delivered
  • Assist nursing staff in return of patient messages
    • Return calls for routine MD follow up / testing appointments
    • Delegated by Team leader when nurse is out of office
      • Transcribe messages from voice mail,
      • Pull charts for message
  •  Clinic Admissions - The MA admits patients to the clinic area as appointed.  Vital signs are obtained:  weight, height, BP, temperature, pulse, respirations.  Deviations from norm are reported to the nurse / M.D.  Laboratory samples are

Oncology Consultants is a drug-free workplace. Candidates are required to pass a drug test before beginning employment.

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