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Medical Assistant Authorization

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Medical Assistant Authorization

Employment: Medical Assistant/Infusion

Type: Full Time

Location: Houston, TX

"You can make a difference in the life of an oncology patient and find your career satisfaction by joining our team of healthcare professionals today."

About Oncology Consultants

Oncology Consultants has been a premier adult medical oncology & hematology practice in Houston, TX for over 35 years. Our healthcare team is committed to provide state of the art cancer treatment in a caring environment as we continue to expand our oncology services in the metropolitan region.. 

About the Position

The role of the Infusion Authorization Medical Assistant is to facilitate the delivery of oncology patient care under the supervision of the licensed nurse and / or physician.  This is accomplished through direct and indirect patient care activities.

HOURS: Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm




  1. New Patient initial therapy
  2. Change in therapy
  • Receive task from ordering provider
  • Compile Authorization form and send to auth team
  • Complete task to OCP for all premed/Oral therapy
  • Track Progress of all infusion authorizations and report to team any delays
  1. Scheduling
  • All therapies when Authorization complete
  • Back-up for Infusion MA for return to clinic appointments
  1. Transport patients via wheel chair as needed
  2. Documentation of care delivered
  3. Assist nursing staff in return of patient messages
  • Return calls for routine MD follow up / testing appointments
  • Delegated by Team leader when nurse is out of office
  • Transcribe messages from voice mail,
  • Pull charts for messages
  1. Indirect care activities include:
  • Patient care supply management
  • Assist with patient-requested paperwork (FMLA, Short Term Disability
  • Assist with Prescription Refill/Prior Authorization Process


1.  Direct Patient Care

  •  Clinic Admissions - The MA admits patients to the clinic area as needed.  Vital signs are obtained:  weight, height, BP, temperature, pulse, respirations.  Deviations from norm are reported to the nurse / M.D. 
  • Clinic Discharge - Patients discharged from exam rooms by the M.D. are provided with follow up appointments as ordered.  Patients who receive therapy are directed to the treatment area, and /or are provided with an appointment for therapy under the direction of the nurse.  Precertification and authorization requests are completed and submitted to the insurance staff in each office.  Tests are scheduled for the patient’s return appointment as ordered and prep instructions are provided.  Patients are transferred to the billing office with the visit fee ticket for check out.  Patients who require transportation from the office are provided with a wheelchair and accompanied from the office by family and / or MA.

2.  Research Encounters

  • Will collaborate with Research in the Authorization and Scheduling of Clinical Trial Patients

3.  Clinic Support Services

  • Housekeeping - The MA will manage the biohazardous waste per practice standards.  The MA will identify the scheduled pickup day for all staff, allowing preparation time for packing the boxes.  Laboratory and exam room waste will be removed and sealed weekly and prn by the MA.


This description is intended to describe the essential job functions, the general supplemental functions and the essential requirements for the performance of this job. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities and requirements of a person so classified. Other functions may be assigned and management retains the right to add or change the duties at any time.

Oncology Consultants is a drug-free workplace. Candidates are required to pass a drug test before beginning employment.

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