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Medical Assistant Coordinator - Float

Employment: MA Coordintor

Type: Full Time

Location: Houston, TX

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About Oncology Consultants

Oncology Consultants has been a premier adult medical oncology & hematology practice in Houston, TX for over 35 years. Our healthcare team is committed to provide state of the art cancer treatment in a caring environment as we continue to expand our oncology services in the metropolitan region.. 

About the Position

The role of the Medical Assistant Coordinator is to ensure appropriate staffing, competency, and direct supervision of all medical assistants, as well as facilitate the delivery of oncology patient care under the supervision of the licensed nurse and/or physician. This is accomplished through direct and indirect patient care activities. 


  • Laboratory services 

  • Process lab orders per practice policy 

  • Transfer CBC results to electronic medical record / clinical database 

  • Clinic admissions 

  • New patient admission 

  • Full vital signs, including respirations 

  • Height and Weight (measured, no verbal reports unless Wt >350) 

  • Interview form 

  • Initiate EMR chart 

  • Allergies 

  • Vital signs 

  • MD clinic patient triage 

  • Medication list update 

  • Vital signs: BP/ Temp / pulse/ respirations 

  • Performance status 

  • Assisting MD with clinic visit exams as needed 

  • PAP / Pelvic exams 

  • Rectal / Stool Occult Blood 

  • Transport patients via wheel chair as needed 

  • Documentation of care delivered 

  • Assist nursing staff in return of patient messages 

  • Return calls for routine MD follow up / testing appointments 

  • Delegated by Team leader when nurse is out of office 

  • Transcribe messages from voice mail,  

  • Pull charts for messages 

Indirect care activities include: 

  • Patient care supply management 

  • Appointment scheduling 

  • Scheduling tests and procedures ordered by M.D. 

  • Chart preparation for MD clinics 

  • Verify all results are on chart prior to visit 

  • Obtain missing reports prior to MD exam 

  • Laboratory facility management 

  • QA and PT activities 

  • Radiology file management 



  • Budgeting  

  • Ordering supplies and monitor inventory for all offices 

  • Understanding the financial background of the office  

  • Schedules medical assistant staff according to workloads and available equipment and space. 

  • Helps ensure that the clinic and its medical assistant staff maintain a high level of ethical and professional standards 

  • Works to improve healthcare services. 

  • Looks for ways to streamline and enhance administrative operations. 

  • Counsels and trains newly hired medical assistant staff. 

  • Consults with and supports medical assistant staff in the efforts to serve patients. 

  • Assists medical assistants in obtaining more education, additional certifications and helps them find ways to enhance their skills and improve their chances of career advancement. 

  • Helps improve communication among employees in a clinical environment. 

  • Develops and implements policies and procedures for the medical assistant staff. 

  • Recruits, hires and trains medical assistant staff. 

  • Evaluates the job performances of medical assistants. 

  • Stays up to date on a plethora of factors that affect the performance of the clinics including advancements in diagnostic equipment, newly approved medications, upgraded computer technology, new and amended government regulations and changes in health insurance products. 

  • Attends interdepartmental meetings 

  • Identifies quality assurance and risk management issues and brings them to the attention of the appropriate managers/directors. 

  • Monitors the use of resources to determine when there is a need for additional staff. 

  • Ensures that all medical assistants are accurately notating patients’ electronic medical records. 

  • Monitors medical assistants’ time cards and approves overtime and time off requests 

  • Promptly addresses patient and/or physician complaints or concerns. 


1.  Direct Patient Care 

  • Clinic Admissions - The MA admits patients to the clinic area as appointed.  Vital signs are obtained:  weight, height, BP, temperature, pulse, respirations.  Deviations from norm are reported to the nurse / M.D.  Laboratory samples are obtained as ordered, fee ticket is completed, and the patient is transferred to the exam room or treatment area.  CBC results are placed on the chart, per practice policy.  Documentation of VS, Labs, medication list, new prescriptions, and CBC results are entered into the paper and electronic chart. The MA is available in the clinic / exam room area to assist the attending physician with patient care as needed.  Patients are set up for examinations, provided with exam gowns and drapes, assisted into position and from the table as needed.  Equipment and supplies are provided for the MD intervention.  In the event that conscious sedation is required, the patient is transferred to the procedure room and the care of an RN. 

  • Clinic Discharge - Patients discharged from exam rooms by the M.D. are provided with follow up appointments as ordered.  Patients who receive therapy are directed to the treatment area, and /or are provided with an appointment for therapy under the direction of the nurse.  Precertification and authorization requests are completed and submitted to the insurance staff in each office.  Tests are scheduled for the patient’s return appointment as ordered and prep instructions are provided.  Patients are transferred to the billing office with the visit fee ticket for check out.  Patients who require transportation from the office are provided with a wheelchair and accompanied from the office by family and / or MA. 

2.  Research Encounters 

  • Patients who are identified as participants in clinical trials / research protocols will be processed according to the plan provided by the Research Coordinator.  The charts are identified as bright green, and include the research section.  Each office visit will have a specific set of research instructions, which are provided to the supervising RN on site.  The instructions for research visit are entered into the OV orders by the research nurse or clinic nurse.  Tasks may be delegated to the MA by the supervising RN or MD.   

  • If a patient was scheduled for a research visit and cancels or doesn’t present for the appointment, the research coordinator for the patient must be notified. 

3.  Laboratory Services 

  • The Medical/Laboratory Assistant (MA) will obtain written orders for laboratory testing from the nurse and/or M.D. for each patient admitted to the office. The MA identifies which tests are completed on site and which tests are sent to reference laboratories.  The MA collects samples via finger stick or venipuncture methods according to the practice policy. Samples obtained by the medical or nursing staffs are provided in the appropriate containers which have been labeled by the MA or nurse. The MA communicates changes in the reference lab requirements to the nursing staff and facilitates the collection of correct samples by all staff members.  Lab services are completed per practice policy, in compliance with CLIA guidelines.   

  • Reporting Values - The MA obtains reference lab reports daily and PRN for all samples sent out of the office. The original copy is forwarded to the nursing staff for review, duplicate copies are maintained in the lab for 1 month. On site tests are reported in writing as per practice policy and placed on the patient chart for the nurse / M.D. review. Alert or panic values are verbally reported immediately to the nurse or M.D.  


4.  Radiology File Management 

  • The MA maintains the radiology files and log. When a patient brings films to the office, the MA logs the films in and identifies the source on the record. The film disposition is noted when the films leave the office. The MA will obtain films from the adjacent hospital file room for the M.D. review as needed. Films are returned to the source weekly and as directed by the M.D.  Films kept in the office are filed in the rack alphabetically.  The films of inactive patients are returned to the source by mail or hand delivered when no longer under the M.D.’s care.  Duplicate films which cannot be returned are archived and logged as such. 

5.  Clinic Support Services 

  • Housekeeping - The MA will manage the biohazardous waste per practice standards.  The MA will identify the scheduled pickup day for all staff, allowing preparation time for packing the boxes.  Laboratory and exam room waste will be removed and sealed weekly and prn by the MA. 

  • Cold sterilization tray and instrument holding trays will be cleaned and fluids changed every 28 days or prn according to practice policy. 


6.  Lab Clerical Responsibility 

  • The MA is responsible for laboratory file maintenance, obtaining test reports from reference labs which have not been reported in hard copy, and following up on pending reports daily. 


  1. Medical Record Management  


  • Based upon the primary office of the MA’s assignment, the MA may be expected to assist the receptionist in the filing of medical records for the office. This is in addition to daily chart preparation. Whenever clinic activity permits, the MA is expected to file report in the charts, and file completed charts in the chart racks.   


  1. Telephone Back Up 

  • During times when the receptionist is called away from the front office, or in need of assistance in taking incoming calls, the MA functions as the backup for phone calls.  Calls are answered, screened, transferred to the appropriate staff member, or messages are taken. 



  • 1+ years of experience in Medical Office procedures. 

  • Minimum High School Graduate 

  • Bi-lingual Spanish preferred 


COMMENTS: This description is intended to describe the essential job functions, the general supplemental functions and the essential requirements for the performance of this job. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities and requirements of a person so classified. Other functions may be assigned and management retains the right to add or change the

Oncology Consultants is a drug-free workplace. Candidates are required to pass a drug test before beginning employment.

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