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Float Chemo Pharmacy Technician

Employment: Pharm Tech

Type: Full Time

Location: Houston, TX

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Oncology Consultants has been a premier adult medical oncology & hematology practice in Houston, TX for over 35 years. Our healthcare team is committed to provide state of the art cancer treatment in a caring environment as we continue to expand our oncology services in the metropolitan region.. 

About the Position

The role of the Pharmacy Technician in the practice includes both the direct technical procedures of drug admixture and preparation, and the supply and equipment management activities. 

The primary role of the Pharmacy Technician is to prepare the pharmaceutical agents ordered in the correct dose, for the correct patient, and to provide those drugs to the clinical staff for administration.  The Pharmacy Tech is responsible for the cost-effective management of all drugs, supplies and equipment required in the preparation and storage of the agents administered in the practice, using both the Lynx pharmacy system and the practice inventory sheets.  The PT coordinates the transfer of drugs and supplies to satellite office nursing staff as needed.   

The Pharmacy Technician maintains current price lists for all drugs and supply items ordered by the practice.  The PT reviews each shipping invoice and compares the invoice with the billing documents for each location.  The prices are verified with the current price list, and any discrepancies are detailed on the billing invoice.   

The PT also is responsible to work with the nursing staff to maintain the patient education supplies used within the practice.  These items include informational brochures, booklets, books, video tapes, and audio cassettes

Technical Procedures

  • Utilizes aseptic technique in medication preparation
  • Performs mathematical calculations to convert drug concentration to dosage desired correctly and efficiently
  • Utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment in the preparation of chemotherapy agents
  • Demonstrates technical skills required for drug preparation and ability to assemble required equipment
  • Manipulates equipment correctly
  • Utilizes venting and back flow filters appropriately
  • Reconstitutes powders according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Labels medications clearly
  • Identifies issues of compatibility and stability for the clinical staff
  • Confirms new orders or changes in drug orders with clinical staff
  • Dates, concentration specified, and initials on vials held in storage
  • Verifies expiration dates on drugs and supplies utilized in practice
  • Mentors new nursing staff in drug preparation procedure

Supply Management: 

  • Lynx system functions, as required for medication management 

  • Withdraw 

  • Return 

  • Inventory 

  • Load 

  • Unload 

  • Edit pocket levels 

  • Refill 

  • Reorder reports 

  • Inventory reports 

  • Activity reports 

  • Archiving 

  • Monthly inventory of supplies not loaded in Lynx system 

  • Communicate reorders for supplies from OTN / outside suppliers prn to nurse manager 

  • Check in supplies, verify invoices 

  • Transfer supplies to main office  prn 

Administrative Responsibilities: 

  • Maintain current product price lists 

  • Justify invoice / bill / pricing 

  • Maintain patient education material files 


  • Assist in maintaining exam rooms 

  • General stocking of supplies / equipment 

  • Assist nursing / MA staff in daily activities as needed 


This description is intended to describe the essential job functions, the general supplemental functions and the essential requirements for the performance of this job. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities and requirements of a person so classified. Other functions may be assigned and management retains the right to add or change the duties at any tim


  • 2 years of chemo mixing experience required

Oncology Consultants is a drug-free workplace. Candidates are required to pass a drug test before beginning employment.

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